Research databases
designed to shift your focus

Designed to shift your focus

Focus on the core of your project and your own skills, and don't let your data get in your way. We offer you a user friendly, customised and fully supported solution to simplify your data management all trough the different phases of your project.

No matter wheather your data need is for research and surveys, registers, inventories, or quality and environmental assessment, our Research Database Platform is designed to facilitate your collection, storage and basic processing of data with a high level of reliability and security. It is fully customisable and ready for organisational collaborations and multi-center studies.

The platform is offered installed customised on a website dedicated to the customer. It may be offered with a long term contract with full support, allowing for longitudinal studies running for several years.

We take you home

Gather your team and collaborators around your very own project database on a dedicated website separated from other customers. Use your company's or organisation's name, logo, external info page and contact form.

Customised data forms

Make it your own and unique database. Choose between a number of variable types and input controls like text fields, number fields, radio buttons, checkboxes and select menus. Add labels and instruction texts. Divide your forms with layout blocks in several levels. Make variables mandatory or hidden for external users. We may add special coding and automatic calculation of variables at your request.

Statistics on the fly

Built-in statistical toolbox with a number of basic statistical measures and tests: sample statistics, frequency distribution and diagrams; crosstabs; correlation; compare means (one sample, independent samples, paired samples). Download the whole database at any time for import to external spreadsheet applications or advanced statistical software.

Multi-center ready

Share your data with your research partners. Shared data may be edited, analysed and downloaded. You may define different user groups to restrict or allow individual access to data. Each user group may protect its own data with its own encryption key.

Images and documents

Upload image files and pdf-files directly into the data form. Images may be taken from your library or captured directly from your telephone, and used, for instance, for documenting research findings, material assets or geographical maps. Pdf-files may contain certificates, letters, images or any other kind of documentation that you wish to connect to a particular data case.

3-dimensional database

The database platform can handle up to three linked data tables, that may be used for follow-up of test results, health data, or customer orders. For a car repair shop application, for instance, the first table may hold basic data of all customers, the second table may hold data about each customer's different cars, and the third table may hold data about all consecutive services on each car.


The database platform offers several security features, including SSL encrypted data communication, safe password handling with two-factor login, activity log and encryption of selected variables. We monitor system errors and make regular backups.

Personal data legislation

Our server is located in Sweden and we comply with Swedish and EU data legislation. If your database will include sensitive personal data, we may offer a data processor agreement as the data processor on your behalf.


Please contact us for a quotation. We apply individual pricing depending on your needs and contract period.

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