Survey and application management
get a grip on your documents

Get a grip on your applications

Give your respondents and applicants a nice experience and get their full input in return. Minimise your paper work and collect all your survey and application forms, evaluations, decisions, results and documentation in one safe place.

Our Survey and Application Management Platform is designed for user friendly managing and evaluation of applications and entries, for instance, applications for scholarships or grants, certification applications, recruitment, courses, conferences and social events. The platform features customisable application and evaluation forms, as well as built-in messaging of results to applicants. Applicants may self-register and log in to complete their applications during the application period. You may assign evaluators to perform double blinded evaluations.

The platform is offered shared with other customers or installed customised on a website dedicated to the customer. It may be offered with a long term contract with full support.

User friendly application forms

Easy to edit and use. Choose between a number of input controls like text fields, number fields, radio buttons, checkboxes and select menus. Divide your forms with layout blocks. Add instruction texts and pdf-documents for your applicants to read.

Let applicants log in

Don't lose your applicants along the way. Let your applicants self-register, log in and take their time to fill in their application forms properly, edit and save their work before finishing.

Evaluate applications

Assign evaluators to perform double blinded evaluations on customisable evaluation forms. View summaries of all evaluations to make final decisions.

Summary reports

Print minutes and payment summaries with banking details for your decision making process. Overview and document your results for selected periods.

Communicate with your applicants

Post information and direct links to your applications on our website, or distribute our coded links to your applicants from your own website. Inform your applicants of the application outcome on the fly with customisable standard letters.

Images and documents

Let your applicants upload image files and pdf-files (for instance, certificates or CV:s) directly into the application forms.


The Survey and application management platform offers several security features, including SSL encrypted data communication and safe password handling. We monitor system errors and make regular backups.

Personal data

Our server is located in Sweden and we comply with Swedish and EU data legislation. If your database will include sensitive personal data, we may offer a data processor agreement as the data processor on your behalf.


Please contact us for a quotation. We apply individual pricing depending on your needs and contract period.

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